Sunday, April 9, 2017

Say Yes, and Say, Now

[A student asked for a favor. Could I find a poem that he could read at his aunt’s wedding? I looked. And then I listened.  And then I wrote. Something about the miracle of remaking the earth with our imaginations, which is the behavior that God requires of us as our part of the work of creation. Nothing is ugly if we choose to truly see. That’s something Ignatius of Loyola managed to pass down to us, through these centuries]

Look at that nasty field
weeds everywhere    you look
and see  thorn bushes  wasps and
kudzu vines
               looking away and up you
can still smell the clotted earth   wet
from days of rain     ain’t nothing
to see  no
                   where you look matters

But   (he said)    I will gather  just a few rocks
that seem to have veins of glitter and shine
and stack them pretty
                            And I (she said)
will bend into the overgrowth   and find lonesome
flowers struggling  to fight the wind  and
be beautiful
                    Just for me (she said)
make the stones stand one atop another
til they mark this place   as   ours
       I will  (laughing in my heart)
root a flower  here  and there
somebody walking by someday in the
early evening  
                 will say  “My, two pairs
of hands and eyes and more than one
singing heart

          here to make us
        how  Pretty can rise up
anywhere  you
                  choose to look”

See Yes
         and say   Now
and flowers and twinkling stones
     show us who you

        -- 4 April 2017

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  1. Amazingly beautiful! Thanks for writing and for being open to the inspiration, Father Brown!