Friday, December 18, 2020

"What Little Hope We Have"

 These demands stab at what little hope we have

left buried in the soil of our prayers    Pay now

go there    stop that   Bow down   die

How like we are to the soon exhausted oil left

sputtering in the darkness

                                             Them   forcing us to register

away from here    when all will be ignored before any

return is finished   step madly into the water    and drown

who will even notice


they have come back


Some dark cloud seemed to cover her as

they came to each of us that morning

 When they left for his forced reckoning

                                                                  I doubted

their place would wait that journey’s close

Nevertheless we left it locked against intrusion

Something between them seemed so trusting and

so calm that they gave us just enough morsels

to sustain us

                                  But now

 there is     yes   there is   oh my   this  

she is holding a child    and he is holding her hand

and the guiding cord for the mule

                                                                  a child

I am going to the road

                                             and so are the others  to see

what is  pulling us into their path    what    yes  oh

yes   she is looking at each of us

                                                            and he too  is holding

us with a gaze so fierce as to begin us humming

just to find our breath

                                               yes   oh yes

a child is here

                                to tell us  

                                                       why the light must flare        


-- Luke

Christmas. 2020