Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Wonder Will Be


The Wonder Will Be

for a friend, on his birthday

 There were how many days

                                                 before I stopped

looking past the boy and  just stared until

he lifted his head

                                 straight into me

                                                            and he

dropped his hand from the fence

and stood still

                           telling me he would stay

if just a nod  or a second glance


him passage


                            Come here

you    come here

                                can you cook

The smile that crept from his eyes

past his mouth

                             and into his chest

was all the answer

                                  I will

ever need

Here   yes  here

                             we need these greens

to be

            picked  and cleaned   and cleaned

and cleaned

                        no grit

none   nowhere    and not

none on you



The smile again

                               Well    I thought

hadn’t been none for some years

somebody is always hungry around

here  and I always got the fixins’


The wonder will be

how long he will stay


his steady hand

                               bowed head

and the hum   he’s sending down

past his hands


I need to make room


            at last

                           and finally


                                          -- 2020