Friday, December 23, 2022

“Until None Need Stars to Call Them On”

 “They were overjoyed at seeing the star…”  [Matthew 2: 1 -12]

Moving west for days that blended into a forever now
our minds locked into each other’s vision
                                                                        and the star
defied all the knowledge we had hungrily held

each night it called us
the calm and steady trust brought to us
by that flickering light
                                         was nearly drowned
by the pinched face and the slicing words
of this hungry king whose fear 
assaulted us
                        from the moment
we gave him our cause

That night we did not share a word
of what we felt
                             we slept
                                              we allowed our dreams 
to wrap us in a cloud

And when we found the child   we gave them 
of our treasures
                                and our hoarded dreams
and whispered

            so that what our hearts can barely contain
when following this child’s eyes
                                                        will survive
until none need stars
to call them on

                                                                        Christmas 2022