Wednesday, December 22, 2021

"In Galilee a Virgin"


In Galilee, a Virgin

(Luke 1:26)


With the whisper

                                 came the fire

sounding into a hum that caught me

breathing slowly

                                I knew    from somewhere

to be still    but blistering heat

shifted my breath

                                   choking me


Near the edge   I heard

one word   then another

                                              and then

I was light enough to leave my bench

my hands sought the source

                                                     my eyes

blinked and teared

                                    then one word

then another

                             The fire pulsed   the

whisper floated

a circle

                  my hand

trembling  beneath my  heart

                                                      and from

where   or how    I still do not

know   there was only

                                          the fire


And my  yes  stilled the air


What will

                    his eyes see

when I place his hand here


the fire lingers  still

                                    what will

my throat release into 

the world  suddenly and forever split apart


Is any   yes   enough

                                      to shear

away the doubt   the searching

is over


I am now made


             when I can hold what

this fire has claimed

                                      I will

sing  softly   every  yes   I

ever dreamed

                            to give


 -- Luke

20 December 2021