Sunday, December 22, 2019

But Her Eyes Called to Me

But Her Eyes Called to Me
“And coming forward at that very time, Anna gave thanks to God and spoke
about the child to all who were awaiting the redemption of Jerusalem” – Luke 2:38

Over every throbbing ache
                                              in every finger
in my knees and back
                                       I have whispered
tell me why I remain
childless and feared
                                       they will not limn
their concerns or doubts
nod as if my eyes do not see even the glittering
dust that floats when the great veil is disturbed

Oh    I see   but cannot outpace
                                                      my deepest hunger
To know why
                            I am kept
                                                 even the old man will not
cross the barrier of the day
                                                    we bow
as best we can    and wait the interruption
from beyond
                         what grave is yet denied

And then    even my breath
                                               was pulled from me
when I turned

He stood behind   slightly bowed
could not move
                            but her eyes called me

Yes   I know
                        I finally know    I see
what I had not hoped
                                      yet hoped
and hungered for

(I will not say)
                                   I hold now
                                                        little one
shattering the silence    forever

until the last word is
                                    burned clean

I hold you now
                            little one

It is done
                     O God

It is done

-- Luke
22 December 2019