Thursday, December 15, 2016

As In A Dream

a poem for PMcC
[Matthew 1: 19 – 25]

While I tried not to see
                                            to stare

at her stillness    the stone bench

and she   became   one
                                               A voice

she had said   and   a burning flow

through her limbs
                                    and I tried

not to see   but to see

and how   and why   and    now

I have a voice
                             now I am

burning with seeing     just
much she needs my voice

Yes     she told me    was pulled

from her throat
                                  and   Yes

snatched me   from my bed

Care    was all I heard

See where you must carry

it all
                        whose voice

do we   both   hear


  1. Here's to Care and carry, perfect cultural powers that Be not conceal and have nothing to do with cash. This is Christmas before and after all. Thank you!

  2. I love this: care to carry my pain, voice to wrody my suffering.

  3. Wow! This is a moving piece, thank you.

  4. Care and carry...our Native Peoples have modeled this for us these last months with their stand against the Dakota Access Pipe Line.. they succeeded in moving us to take a stand for justice. May we allow the Prince of Peace to "yes" us, into doing the same. Thank you for the liturgy in your poetry.