Tuesday, December 19, 2017

'Come I Said, Be Warm"

No   I was told
                           to say
If you do not see their
              if they have only
small belongings
                                  tell them
          But his eyes cut
into my throat   and I could
not breathe
                         or look away
then I would have had to stare
at her skin   her hands   her
eyes    even more commanding

The old man who had told us
stories every evening after evening
spoke in my mind
                                         It could be
you    it has been    us
                                          All is still

I was the only one in the door

Come   I said   you can at least
(and then the air swirled and I knew
the dream in his eyes was my hunger
long denied)
                            Come    I said

Be warm
                     Your child shall
not be

8 December 2017

[Even though very many of the eyes that scan this place have looked at these words, in other sendings, the poem is persistent. So it is here. And so are we. And so is the Child in us all. Nothing of grace can be denied.]

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