Sunday, December 21, 2014

Nunc Dimittis

Nunc Dimittis
“…Whose Name was Simeon”
Luke 2:25-35

Smelling the smoke
                                   he sat leaning
on his stick     no more children     he prayed
enough of the squalling   the rancid odors
the stumbling  nagging parents
                                                     asking God
for what
                  he wondered
sin-free lungs    food   more cloths to cover
withered legs   and dangling useless arms

         more children  only break
the silence   the heart   the hope
leaning on his stick
                                   he feels the air
cool from the outside
sudden   still   shimmering  light
not only from the greening bronze
doors pushed wider
                                    She walks
past him    nearly
                                no more than a child
who will not cry
                                    Oh   how at
last   have you found me
                                             God I threw
away    when all my little hopes
had been buried

He sits in the cloud of dark
                  and she waits

And he says

Give him to us

we will feed
                       and feed

and feed

-- Luke 

 21 December 2014


  1. You are amazing, your words take me on such a journey. Thank you and continued blessings.

  2. Your portrait of Simeon, like I've never pictured him before-lifted out of his agedness where the wizened becomes juicy with hope...thank you for making him more alive...

  3. I loved the ending, it beautifully conveys the attitude of one who knows that he stands before a powerful force for renewal.